What We Do

At Hartford Gandia we enjoy helping families build their dream home. We provide comprehensive interior design services that reflect your tastes, your budget and your lifestyle. Our services provide our clients with a personal connection to their homes.


We have a lot of experience dealing with special homes such as hill side and historical homes.  We deal with everything from permits to finish material.

Exterior renovations change the whole look of the house, are you ready to change yours?


From your master bedroom to the smallest room in the house, Hartford Gandia Group uses our experts’ experience and creativity in order to get the most out of your home. By using every space available we make sure there is no wasted space, all while making sure the house looks enjoyable as well.

Closet Goals

A big closet is always something nice to have, if you don’t have it we can make one. 

Building a new home is very exciting and adding a big closet is always the cherry on top. Fulfilling our customers dreams is our job and we love every second of it.

Tranquil Pools

Every summer needs a pool. Wether you need a pool for the kids or tranquility for adults, we can help you design the one you’ll love. Does you dream home have a pool?

Full Gut Renovations

Any project should be managed because it’s one of the main success factors in any business. Our team of experts also knows how to create or customize an existing home and achieve desired results.

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